Listed by surnames in alphabetical order. 

“Ryan is a joy to work with. His ability to digest a brief and gives the campaign a distinctive flavour is what sets him apart from others. With a superb aesthetic sense and eye for details, Ryan’s work are astonishing visual feasts that always leave a deep impression.”
Ms. Jeslyn Low
Senior Director
Network Branding & Promotions, Channel U
MediaCorp Pte Ltd

“Ryan has this uncanny ability to understand exactly what and how you want for your campaign, execute with astounding creative flair. His exceptional aesthetic sense and creativity, plus his ability to deliver beyond expectation makes him to go-to guy for most of my ad campaigns.”
Ms. Valerie Ng
Senior Manager
Strategic Marketing Youth Engagement
MediaCorp Pte Ltd

“One real enthusiast to work with and a multi-talented creative director with great eye for details. Never fails to give u the ‘wow factor’ on his works. Understands your needs, and often, his value add is the priceless finishing touch.”
Ms. Ong Hui Hui
MediaCorp Raintree Pictures

“Ryan is a rare joy and inspiration to work with. His artistic flair towards creating artwork has no boundaries and genres. I cannot wait to work with him again – an all-rounder visionary creator with a high level of adaptability and strong instinct.”
Mr. Peter Sau
Theatre Artist
2011 Young Artist Award recipient (conferred by National Arts Council)

“Ryan is extremely talented and creative. Always one who sets very high standards for all his work. It has been a pleasure working with him because you know that he will always deliver what he promises. I guess the one thing that sets him apart from the others is his ZEST for life and his PASSION for what he does; something that is pretty rare these days.”
Mr. Benny Soh
Senior Director
Network Branding & Promotions, Channel 5
MediaCorp Pte Ltd

“I engaged Ryan Loi to develop the design concept and marketing collaterals for da:ns festival 2012. He understood our requirements immediately, delivered all critical milestones in a timely manner, was very professional and paid attention to detail. Ryan was very patient and accommodating throughout but by the same token, he did not hesitate to raise valid concerns and very good suggestions where appropriate. I hope to work with him again.”
Ms. Sharon Wong
Senior Manager
Programme Marketing
The Esplanade Co Ltd

“Having worked with Ryan for the past 5 years, he has proven to be professional and highly creative, with the ability to conceptualize original works that have won numerous awards. As a Creative Director, Ryan takes the lead in projects and is always proactive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Ryan for any project.”
Ms. Pamela Wu
Assistant Manager
Network Branding & Promotions, Channel 8
MediaCorp Pte Ltd