The Company



Great advertising and design makes the world stop and think. They express what a brand or product stands for and invite you to share in its beliefs.

Yet, without great execution and finishing, even the best concept loses its lustre and gets lost in translation. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” This is why at Whitewood Creative Company, our team of creative professionals focuses on the aesthetics and the craft of advertising and design. We go back to basics to capture and hone the finer aspects of design while injecting artistic value into all that we do.

This is what differentiates us from most other creative agencies. It’s not just about the concept or the design but rather, the ART of Advertising and Design. This is Whitewood Creative Company.



• Advertising • Design • Branding • Photography • Illustration • Digital Imaging • Makeup



In Whitewood Creative Company, we believe in working with the right professionals from the creative industry to meet our clients’ precise needs. We partner with the elites and provide our clients the opportunity to work with the best from the industry. This strategy has enabled Whitewood Creative Company the ability to deliver new and refreshing campaigns for every project.

Our award-winning Creative Director, Ryan Loi, will form and lead the best team for each project and deliver the finest quality works through his strict quality control.